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Photo by Grace Wilson

Hour Haven opens up about family history, condemns gun violence in debut single

March 15, 2024 | Leah Snyderman
On Friday, experimental artist Hour Haven released his first song "How Many More Gunshots?" under UCLA’s student-run record label Cherry Pop Records. He said the track pays tribute to his family members who have passed away.

“How Many More Gunshots?” was written by Hour Haven in honor of his brother and mother, whom he lost to gun violence and substance abuse, respectively. He is passionate about bringing awareness to these issues and hopes that those who relate to his story will find comfort in their shared grief.

Combining elements of spoken word and synthetic sounds, "How Many More Gunshots?" showcases Hour Haven’s ability to craft an impactful message in his music. The personal, hard-hitting lyrics create commentary that provides listeners with an important message about gun violence prevention.

For more information, visit https://cherrypoprecords.com/artists-1 and follow Hour Haven on Instagram and TikTok for the latest updates.

Press Contact:

Leah Snyderman

About Hour Haven:

Hour Haven grew up surrounded by music and is deeply influenced by his Latino identity and culture. He values the diversity of UCLA and Los Angeles and incorporates these perspectives into his genre-blending sound that juxtaposes distorted voices with soft melodies. Hour Haven uses music as his escape during challenging times, finding catharsis in his lyrics and performing.

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