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Photos by Grace Wilson

Hour Haven

Born Silo Woods, Hour Haven was surrounded by music, deeply influenced by his Latino identity and culture. His family played a significant role in shaping his musical tastes, exposing him to Spanish artists and instilling in him a love for multiple languages. Moreover, Hour Haven values the diversity of UCLA and Los Angeles, incorporating these elements into his genre-blending sound that encompasses distorted voices and soft melodies.

Beyond music, Hour Haven embraces various interests, studying psychology and engaging in visual mediums like films and video games. His dynamic personality extends beyond his musical pursuits. Actively involved in the Bruin Flea, he supports charitable causes, notably End Overdose, reflecting a personal connection due to the loss of his mother to substance abuse and his brother to gun violence.

During challenging times, Hour Haven turns to his music for catharsis, sharing genuine emotions and experiences. His authenticity shines through, and he hopes his music serves as a "quick fix" for listeners, much like his name implies.

Photos by Savanna Reudy; Make-up/Hair by Yasmein Abdulla


As the daughter of a Carnatic singer, Hasitha's journey into the world of music began early. Initially drawn to musical theater, she found her groove in productions like Tarzan and Mary Poppins, igniting a desire to create her own discography.

Guhan's style is a blend of pop with influences ranging from Ariana Grande to Timbaland, exemplifies an expressive and deeply personal approach. She explores various pop sub-genres, favoring the upbeat sounds of the early 2000s and 2010s to counterbalance the prevailing themes of rage and sadness in contemporary music. Despite being in the early stages of her career, Guhan's enthusiasm and creative processes – including multiple methods of songwriting – showcase a seasoned artist.

Guhan embraces the unpredictability of the industry, aiming to break the mainstream South Asian representation gap in pop music. Relocating from Northern Virginia to Los Angeles has opened new doors for her, culminating in her signing with Cherry Pop Records. Excited about the support they offer, she looks forward to releasing a body of work and refining her aesthetic. With her infectious energy and dedication, Guhan embodies a vibrant and hardworking personality that will surely captivate listeners.

Photos by Sunshine Harris, Emilio Vasquez Reyes

Bryce Fleming

Bryce Fleming is all about big emotions and universal feelings. The second-year music industry student at UCLA is an experimental songwriter who is ready to share her unique melodies and catchy hooks with listeners everywhere.

Born and raised in Orange County, Fleming grew up on a diverse set of musical influences: ‘70s funk bands like Tower of Power and Earth, Wind & Fire are what she was raised on, while Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac have inspired her craft as a writer.  Performers ranging from legends like Al Green and rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd to contemporary stars like SZA and Kehlani round out Fleming’s diverse palette of soul, funk, rock, and especially R&B.

Whether it be describing the rush she finds in deep connections or overcoming personal challenges through imaginative lyrics, Fleming’s music hits on multiple sonic and emotional levels.

What direction Fleming’s sound will take remains an enigma. After all, what’s the fun in doing the same thing forever?


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