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Photo courtesy of Johnny Ortega
Photo courtesy of Sundress Studios
Photo courtesy of Johnny Ortega

Harmonizing Success: The Journey of Julia Fink and Enharmonic Magazine 

April 15, 2024 | Ingrid Gruber
Age is just a number for Julia Fink, who holds numerous positions and titles at just 20 years old. The Founder and CEO of Enharmonic Magazine, Julia Fink, has been surrounded by music since her youth. She started playing guitar when she was five or six, inspired by her older sister, who played the drums and bass.

“I was six, and I just wanted to do everything that my cool older sister did,” Fink said.

However, she quickly fell in love with it on her own. Growing up in Los Angeles provided her with numerous opportunities to perform, be it at sports games or big-name venues along the Sunset Strip, such as The Roxy, Whisky a Go Go, and The Troubadour, where she performed her first shows with the School of Rock.

As experienced by much of the world, COVID-19 disrupted Fink’s life.

“I had no idea what to do at first because there was no live performance, and that was so much of my identity,” she said.

However, she attended GRAMMY Camp online, where she met the founder of a music magazine and soon began interning for her. She started as a Music Industry Update Intern before being promoted to full-time Managing Editor and later Editor-in-Chief while simultaneously going through remote school.

After a few years working at this magazine, Fink decided it was time to move on and create a project tailored to her specific musical interests. So, she founded her own music magazine, Enharmonic Magazine, which is coming up on a year of publication.

Fink knew what she wanted to do when she began Enharmonic Magazine. Distinguishing hers from other industry publications, the online-format publication focuses on the global music industry, featuring writers and music not only from the United States but also worldwide. With writers from Kenya, Scotland, New Zealand, and Mexico, each focusing on their individual music tastes, Enharmonic Magazine covers music like none other.

The journey from writing intern to CEO of Enharmonic Magazine has been incredibly formative for Fink. In terms of music journalism, one of the most gratifying experiences was receiving her first press email in her junior year of high school. The continued recognition of her work and the lasting relationships she has formed so far are extremely exciting and only continue to grow.

Despite her long list of accomplishments, Fink has still faced challenges, the greatest of which has been getting people to take her seriously as a young woman in the music business. She began her career as a sophomore in high school, decidedly younger than her peers in the industry.

Fink shared, “Even now, when I tell people I have a magazine, one of the biggest challenges is being recognized as an independent publication rather than a student-specific publication or an extension of something else.”

Nevertheless, Fink’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Enharmonic Magazine is recognized both nationally and globally, gaining continual traction and recognition. Fink continues to run this magazine while studying at UCLA, performing in multiple bands, and working for an independent sync licensing firm. Fink has achieved so much in four short years, and she’s only getting started.

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