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Artwork by Isabella Durand

Cherry Pop Records Unveils Exhilarating Showcase: UCLA’s Student-Run Label Hits High Notes with Unmissable Event “End the Show” 

April 12, 2024 | Haley Hsu
Cherry Pop Records, the spirited student-run record label at UCLA, is set to capture audiences with a riveting release showcase that promises to be an unforgettable night. This event spotlights Hasitha Guhan— aka HahaHasitha— and celebrates the release of her newest single, “End the Show.”

The upcoming showcase will feature a lineup of exceptional performers, each bringing their unique sound and style to the stage. The show will spotlight the power of Guhan’s music: from her signature pop-punk style to infectious beats and mind-blowing riffs, audiences can expect a range of music that reflects Guhan’s undeniable talent and variety. End the Show empathizes with the college experience , and Guhan hopes that this show will help audiences get to know her better and find something to relate to.

In addition to live performances, the event will also feature various interactive experiences,including opportunities to meet the artists, explore merchandise, an enticing photo zone, and learn more about Cherry Pop Records. Guhan believes that everyone’s life is a show, and encourages attendees to “dress as your alter ego.” Audiences can expect a vibrant atmosphere filled with energy, creativity, and the unmistakable buzz of artistic passion.

End the Show promises to be a highlight of the year, offering an evening of entertainment that is not to be missed. As Guhan has said herself, “it would be really awesome if my music makes people’s lives easier by feeling heard.” Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a supporter of emerging talent, or simply looking for an unforgettable night to dress as your alter ego, mark your calendars for April 13 and join us for an experience that celebrates the power of music to inspire, elevate, and unite.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest news from Cherry Pop Records, visit https://cherrypoprecords.com/.

Media Contact:
Haley Hsu
Press Associate
Cherry Pop Records
(310) 531-0538

About Cherry Pop Records:

Cherry Pop Records is a student-run record label at UCLA, dedicated to supporting emerging artists and promoting musical innovation within the community. With a focus on diversity, creativity, and collaboration, Cherry Pop Records serves as a platform for students to explore their musical talents and connect with audiences both on and off campus.

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